Cruise // Personal Shoot Gone Wrong

Sometimes things don’t work out.

This is Jenny. She and I had been trying to get this shoot on the road since last fall, when everything went wrong. Cold season, then weather, then I left for a month, and when I got back it was cold. It sat on the shelf in the back of mind all year until I finally made it happen last month. Low and behold, it all went wrong once again. The bike didn’t fit in my car, the traffic was astoundingly bad, the sun was going down, and the weather was rolling in. We weren’t going to make it to our location so we scrambled to come up with something closer. We ended up at this walking path along the river in Golden; I hated it. It wasn’t anything like what I had in mind, and my plan was shot, but I hadn’t come this far to get shut down again, and I wasn’t about to pull up and tell Jenny I had wasted her time so I pulled my head out of my ass and completely changed my plan. This is the final product (one of many, actually), and I’m super happy with it. No complaints at all. I guess the point is, and this is cheesy but, sometimes you’ve just got to make it work out.

This isn’t the photo I set out to make, and now it’s cold again, but the idea is still on the shelf. Maybe next year. And honestly, I have a strong feeling that this this turned out better than what I had ever planned. The title is “Cruise” which I find fitting.