I found myself in Alberta, Canada this summer and had to make a trip to Banff National Park. I met this guy David Postman there, a standup paddleboarder who had moved from city roots in Toronto to reconnect with nature and find more in life. He showed me around the lakes a bit and we talked about his project to paddle across Lake Ontario next fall to raise money and awareness for the Mayan families in Guatamala. He was a great sport and let me photograph him all over the park. For more info about his trip follow him on instagram – @david_postman.

While I was in Banff I got to work with this awesome guy, who not only has an incredibly inspiring beard, but an inspiring lifestyle too. Choosing to leave big city life behind and live more simply in the mountains he spends his out of doors enjoying life. More to come on David and a cool project he

12Sun Is Shining

All work and no fun make Ryan a dull boy.

SmileLive WellDavid PostmanWrapping Up

I started throwing a Day of the Dead party a few years ago and it turned into a hit, so it’s become an annual thing. I usually set up a couple lights and a seamless backdrop and take some fun shots of everyone in makeup. I don’t find myself working in the studio very often because I’m almost always on location but this is always a fun excuse for something a little different. Even ended up with a fun shot of me and my little brother, Chase.

dia-de-los-muertos_001Dia De Los Muertosdia-de-los-muertos_003Dia De Los Muertosdia-de-los-muertos_005Dia De Los MuertosSERGIO

I make it a point to head out to Moab, Utah at least once a year. It’s this crazy, moon-like desert that has everything imaginable to offer the outdoor enthusiast. This time we dropped into some of the various slot canyons just outside of town. One of the coolest things about shooting in canyons like this – the light is best at high noon. That NEVER happens!

moab-canyoneering_001moab-canyoneering_002Going DownJoe

I just got back from a few days in NYC for the big Photo+ Expo. Excuse the cliche, but I love New York. I lived there for a few months in college for an internship and I love going back to visit. I feel like the city keeps me sharp – lose your edge and you don’t survive there for very long. It also reminds me though, why I’m so happy to live here in Colorado. The mountains keep me sharp in a different way, they connect me with nature and remind me what’s important in life. As it turns out, I need both city culture and the outdoors to keep myself satisfied. That’s one of the reasons travel comes so naturally to me. While I was there I got out for an afternoon to do some personal street photography with an old friend and fellow photographer Daniel Krieger, check it out…

Daniel Krieger on the highline. Feeling a bit nipply.

photoplus_street_003photoplus_street_001Almost Facelessphotoplus_street_005Chinatownphotoplus_street_007

São Miguel is one of the most spectacular places I’ve ever seen, and I don’t use that word lightly. From black sand beaches in a tropical paradise, to the greenest pastures you will see, to the wet and foggy Pacific Northwest and back again, all in one day. This island, about 900mi off the coast of Portugal has it all. Someday, maybe when I retire, I could live here.